Push to Start Car?

5 years ago

Hey All,

Has anyone seen the push to start cars? Like you don`t even need a key anymore. You literally press a button and the car starts or stops. Pretty cool right!

I can only assume that, any car with a push to start button, will be quite expensive. Since it such a high technology thing and all. I just wonder how long they have been around? I have been hearing about them for maybe a year and a half.

I think it would be pretty neat, to just press a button and your engine starts. then press it again and the engine stops. I can believe this would cause a decrease in lost keys. But I also wonder, What was the reason for it? I mean don`t you still need some kind of remote or key to get INTO the car and lock it? hmm.

But overall, I like the concept of it, and they idea it brings, that it is just that easy.

What are your thoughts? Push to Start cars the new thing?


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Source link: http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/gadgets/automotive/unlock-car-door-remote2.htm

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