Purged 22 Toxic Nail Polishes!!!!

5 years ago

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So, I was painting my nails last night with Sally Hansen`s Xtreme Wear in Bamboo Shoot, which is a lovely pale pink color, that I glanced at the ingredients label. To my horror, I saw the ingredient "toslyamide/formaldehyde resin." I was shocked because Sally Hansen is such a major label.

Hence, it prompted me to do some research this morning on the "Big 3" toxic ingredients in nail polishes. These ingredients are DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene, and formaldehyde. These are known carcinogens.

So, I went through each of my polishes and started separating the good and the bad. Surprisingly, I discovered that even if the label says "formaldehyde and toluene FREE" it still may contain DBP. Also, if it doesn`t list formaldehyde in the ingredients, it still has toslyamide resin, which is formaldehyde (Covergirl). These companies are sneaky, I tell you!!!

Sadly, I ended up purging 22 nail polishes! Some of the offenders were: Sinful Colors because even though it said formaldehyde and toluene free it still has DBP, NYC and Love My Nails because it has DBP, and Covergirl. And of course, Sally Hansen`s Xtreme Wear polishes. I didn`t see any of the offending ingredients in their Hard as Nails collection.

Don`t assume because I bought cheap polishes that it contained these ingredients. For example, I discovered that Wet n Wild even with their $.69 polishes has none of the Big 3 toxins! It is clearly listed on the label. What does that tell you??!!! It`s not hard to eliminate carcinogens if Wet n Wild can do it and still keep prices rock bottom. Companies need to be more responsible with ingredients they use and not poison their consumers. On the otherhand, I read that OPI and Essie only RECENTLY started eliminating the Big 3 but I`m not sure if they have done it with all their polishes because they have no ingredients list on their polishes!!!

So, check those ingredients list, ladies! Also, you could check out http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ and get the ingredients list for most major brands.

Source link: http://tinker.com/event/TweetsOnBeauty/nail_polish

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