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2 years ago

While I was shopping with a friend, I got a bit thirsty and decided that I needed something to quench my thirst. I was set on getting myself a pop like Coke or Pepsi but I saw that my friend was buying this Pure Leaf Lemon drink again. I asked her again if it was good and she said yes. So I decided that I would give this a try instead of good old pop.


-Pure Leaf Tea is real tea made from `fresh-picked leaves` and only `pure and simple ingredients.` Apparently they do not use any preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours. The fresh tea leaves are from India, Africa and South America and they are known for their unique taste.

-Bottle Size: There are various sizes available such as single serve bottles (547 mL), which is the one I got. And there is also the multi-serve bottles (1.75 L).

-Flavours: Single serve bottles come in Lemon, Raspberry and Unsweetened flavours, and multi-serve bottles come in Lemon and Raspberry flavours. The one I got was Lemon. I decided to try the lemon since lemon and tea is a classic flavour that is offered by a variety of brands. And I was not sure how much I would like Raspberry or unsweetened flavours.

-Taste: To me, this tea is similar to other lemon teas out there. I can`t remember exactly which tea tastes similar to this, but this wasn`t something super different that makes me want to buy this brand only. In terms of the overall taste, it wasn`t bad. I like how it wasn`t overly sweet, however, there is a hint of bitterness that you generally find with tea. This may indicate that they do in fact use `real tea leaves.`

-Caffeine Level: Of course with most teas, it comes with caffeine. It is said that their tea contains 26 mg of caffeine per 250 mL.

-Price: Compared to pop, this drink is a bit more since Pure Leaf is considered `all natural.` This was about $3.

Overall, this was a nice drink to quench my thirst but would I buy this again? May be since I can find other similar lemon tea drinks for a lower price. And I like freshly brewed tea from David`s Tea that I make myself.

Have you tried this before?

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