Purchased: First Pair of Shoemint Shoes

More shoes...I know, it`s excessive. =
I actually exchanged this pair already, but I liked them a lot, so I`m going to talk about them.

Shoemint Kimberly Wedges
Honestly, I made the purchase because I saw the promo for the Butter London trio with any Shoemint purchase a few weeks back, and I could not resist. I took the bait.
At the time, I didn`t really think too much of the selection. This was the only pair that really stood out to me.

I love the...
b/w stripe design,
ankle wraparound straps,
& the cork wedge.

I never go for a heel this high, so I thought I looked kind of ridiculous in such tall shoes. Even though I`m a short girl and I could probably get away with wearing super tall shoes, I guess I`m just not used to it.


Comfort: I really didn`t think it would be too comfortable, since it is a 6" tall heel. I thought for sure these would be some super heavy clunkers. However, the cork wedge actually feels pretty light considering how much shoe there is to the shoe, lol. Also, 1.5" platform is a pretty large-sized platform too, which makes this shoe at a relative height of 4.5" high.
Quality & attn to detail: The suede trim makes the shoes feel very luxurious.
Design - Adorable, is it not? I`ve always loved wraparound ankle shoes. I think they are so interesting and appealing to the eyes. They definitely draw attention to the legs.
Height: This isn`t really a con, but for my personal preference, I wish they were at least an inch or two shorter in heel height. Then I could have worn them without feeling awkwardly and unnaturally tall.
Straps: As much as I like the straps, they do tend to fall down. So I would suggest tying them close to your ankles.
Cuts off Leg Length: These shoes definitely truncate my legs at the ankles, giving me stumpy, short legs. =[
Not Practical: These are too casual for work and too tall for casual wear. That was the main reason why I sent them back. I just didn`t think I`d get enough use out of them, even though I really wanted to keep them and try them with mini dresses, shorts, etc.
I had to make an exchange in order to keep the Butter London nail polishes (which I had already used, haha), so I decided to switch them for the Kathryn pumps. I will talk more about those later.

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