Pumpkin Regatta-Race Inside A Giant Pumpkin!

4 years ago

If you think that pumpkins are just food or to make lanterns on Halloween, think again!
Not to long ago i was watching a show on the biggest foods in America and among them was giant pumpkins from a town i can`t remember now unfortunately, but the strange thing was that they also had another use for those massive pumpkins : a pumpkin regatta.

I googled it and it actually seems to be something that is done in more places and the competition consists of people getting into giant pumpkins that are carefully prepared to be ready to float and compete down a river or lake. Its similar to what you see with boats but instead they use pumpkins.
I found it to be very funny seeing people competing and peddling on a lake inside a pumpkin.
I think it can be considered a sport, i mean, the goal of it is the same as if they used the usual boats but instead using pumpkins. It has been in different news and show, it was even spoofed by SNL.
You can search and find this pumpkin water race in a lot of places, especially those that are famous for their big pumpkins.

<strong>Did you know about pumpkin regattas?
Would you go on a pumpkin regatta and race on a lake inside a giant pumpkin?</strong>

(pictures from the source and : http://gonewengland.about.com/od/vtfoliage/ig/Pumpkin-Regatta/Going-Overboard-.htm)

Source link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119275037765064149.html#slide/1

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