Pumpkin pretzel

first Halloween tip from me! For some people it might be a little early but who cares! Lots of other people started making halloween tips in August and I felt a little left out :`( So here it is! Really cute and fun! Enjoy!

To make this chocolate pumpkin patch your going to need:

Big and small pretzels
Orange candy melts
Orange sprinkles
Green candy melts
Chocolate pieces (a hershey bar or chocolate melts)
ziplock bag
leaf tip
small round tip
plastic wrap
coupler set


Step 1: Before you melt your chocolate lay everything out, organized and ready to go. As I`ve said so many times when your working with chocolate you want everything in order to make the process smooth. You can lay you finised pretzels on wax paper or on a cookie cooling rack over wax paper. I prefer it on the cooling rack so the excess drips off and doesn`t pool around it.

Step 2: In a microwave safe bowl melt your chocolate (I do about 3/4 cup at a time) using 15 second spurts stirring in between. Your chocolate should be nice and smooth when melted easy to drip off the pretzel. If you need help thinning it a bit add a small amount of crisco and heat

Step 3: Holding your pretzel on a fork use a spoon to spoon the chocolate on to the pretzel. Then gently tap fork on side of bowl until excess had dripped off. Then coat them in the Orange sprinkles. Now move to cooling rack.

Step 4: After the chocolate coating has set (about and hour) move them onto a fresh piece of wax paper.

Now for the leaves!


Step 1: Wrap up a handful of chocolate melts in a piece of plastic wrap. Gently twist the ends...kind of like you getting ready to snap a towel ;) Then microwave at 50% power in 30 seconds spurts until melted.

**EDIT: In case you are concerned about plastic heating in the microwave, research has shown zero toxins or BPA released when heating saran wrap. My box of Glad wrap even states microwave safe. However, if you are not comfortable with heating the wrap, heat in a microwave safe bowl and then insert into pipping bag.**

Step 2: Once melted twist again so it`s nice and tight, then insert into a snipped sandwich bag with a coupler in it. Pull the twist through then trim the plastic wrap, and attach the tip.

TIP: You can practice making a few leaves on some wax paper first. The leaves are easy to make. You apply a small bit of pressure then release as you pull back.

Step 3: When your done all you have to do is unscrew the coupler, then pull out the bag and inside coupler. You can simply toss the bag and wrap and it`s an easy warm wash for the tips. Love this method!

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