Puerto Rico

4 years ago

Firstly, remember to always wear SUNSCREEN! Even on a cloudy ass day!

We made that mistake the day we landed. Hoping to catch some Caribbean rays, we sprawled ourselves onto the beach chairs on the beach in the back of our hotel. I liked that it was for the tourists only. It was never packed and we had our own space and privacy.

The first day was cloudy and hot but in the middle of our beach tanning, the sun came out full strength! I managed to fall asleep while the sun was out but knew to turn around and tan both sides of my evenly. Turns out, that we managed to burn ourselves, pretty badly I might.

It was really painful, red and was probably a first degree burn. Yeah, it burned THAT much. So much that it was painful to move your limbs, climbing in and out of bed, changing clothes... everything hurt.

I guess we did milk our chance of tanning because during the rest of our stay, it would pour or just rain all day. The last day was when the sun finally came back out, but we didn`t welcome it much. I hid under the umbrella with no rain coming down lol.

Puerto Rico has a lot of local flavor. Don`t be shy in trying the smaller street restaurants. Those places make the best food! We had a shrimp gumbo that was so flavorful and hearty. It was mucho satisfying.

I would suggest to take the bus around Puerto Rico if you can. The bus fares are dirt cheap compared to NYC but the only downside is that they don`t come very often. You should take a PR taxi at least once though. They drive pretty reckless and don`t even wear their seatbelts. Some drivers may even rap along to the reggaeton during your ride.

If you like touristy stuff, there`s plenty to do, just stay away from La Perla. Google it. Lol. Visit the Bacardi Factory is free I believe, and you get 2 free drinks from the bar. You can buy their Limited Reserve here and add a certificate of authenticity as well to your collection.

*Images are all taken by me*
The first pic is the view of the hotel`s beach. The second pic was taken during the Bacardi Factory tour. The three different colored barrels were the three different logos Bacardi used, with the one on the left being the most current.

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