Pucker Up Or Get Saggy Skin!

5 years ago

I don`t know about you guys, but Japan always come up with the craziest inventions ever! I asked myself all the time what were they thinking or who idea is this?

Here`s a new Face Shimmer. What it is a mouthpiece that`s made out of rubber. What it supposed to do is slimmer your face from sagging. It looks like a mouth of a blow doll the site claims. I definitely agree on that! 

I thought this looks hilarious when I first saw it! Lol Even if I did have saggy skin. I wouldn`t want to wear this hideous thing. This product will cost you $50 bones! Almost the same amount as a Naked Palette. Lol

1. Would you buy this if you had saggy skin?
2. What`s the craziest you ever bought?

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Source link: http://www.incrediblethings.com/style-and-gear/get-perfect-duck-lips-with-the-face-slimmer/

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