Published details of the new Windows Phone Apollo 8

5 years ago

We revealed some features of upcoming Windows Phone Apollo 8. Best screen resolution, dual-core and NFC are some news.

It is not the first time we hear about Windows Phone Apollo 8 and it seems that the rumors are confirmed. Who goes to the characteristics of the new operating system is the site PocketNow, who had access to a video of explanation, and which was later confirmed by Paul Thurrott, known for its proximity to Microsoft.

To begin with, the operating system can run a better hardware, which will begin to approach the smartphone range tops, as iPhone and Android with range tops.
May already have dual-core processors and a graphics processing greatly improved, with greater availability of resolutions, four seconds the site, although it has not been specified, is expected to be HD, since competition is in this capacity for a long time.

Another important information is the "integration" with Windows 8, both cloud storage, as the similarities with Windows 8, since the determination of both the number 8 is not by chance. Sync with SkyDrive, will allow an added file in Windows 8, be automatically available in Windows Phone 8. IN conjunction with this, the applications will also be easily integrated between both operating systems, as part of the code will be identical to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

The NFC, Near Field Communication will be supported in the new Windows Phone 8, which will make payments to the new phones that include NFC and WP8. Artões SD can now also be used in this upgrade of Windows Phone. The Skype application will also highlight, according to the information,
The release should only occur only towards the end of the year.

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