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2 years ago

*This is going to be my first review post, and my reviews tend to be pretty lengthy, but I hope you enjoy!*
Psychonauts is a game made by Double Fine Productions, originally ported on the Playstation 2 and Xbox, and later ported onto the Xbox 360 Arcade, Playstation 3, and PC. It`s a fun action platformer, with dark edges and corners. Before it came out on the recent systems it lived to be a hidden gem, unknown to many, but highly praised by the people who did give it a run. It`s an amazing well-aged game that will hold your interest with the amazing worlds and creative gameplay.
Psychonauts stars the main protaganist, Razputin Aquato, escaping from his life at the circus to crash into a secret Summer-Camp for psychics to-be Psychonauts run by the Government, of which he found through a pamphlet handed to him at the end of one of his circus acts. In the end, though he snuck in, he got in for free after winning the heart of the camp general. The story continues on, you playing as Raz, training to become a Psychonaut before his Dad comes and brings him home.
You meet a young girl name Lili, Raz`s love interest, and they are the cutest thing that ever walked the camp. It`s almost like one of those summer lovin` relationships. Except a way nerdier one. They also talk about kissing. So if you like shipping, you`ll go to town and set sail with Lili and Raz.
You earn various merit badges that teach you different skills such as pyrokonesis and telekinsis, and travel through peoples` minds to sort out emotional baggage and clear them of any daunting thoughts or trouble. Everyone has a different and unique worlds in their heads to explore, and I have to say this game is brimming with creativity when it comes to the levels. The characters are also amazing, each of them are different, all the campers have their own personalities, tell different stories and have refined friendships and relationships with each other. The game is extremely fleshed out when it comes to characterization.
There`s also a few side-quests you can do, which involve scavenger hunting. You can also go around and learn about each of the campers by listening to what they have to say. There`s many things hidden in levels, including camera rolls that include bits about characters` back stories. Most have a happy one, and a darker one, that`s harder to find.
The main complaint I had was that the controls were pretty out-dated and wonky at times, and there`s a HUGE difficultly spike near the end. When you get past it though, boy do you feel like you`re a hero, and you`re on top of the world.
This time I`m not going to give a score, because I don`t have a scoring system really set in my mind, but I`d say the game is really worth the play. The game is 10.00, and you can get it on Steam, and through the online Xbox and Playstation stores! It`s a definite must try if you like indie games. If you have 10.00 to spend on a game, give this one some consideration.

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