Ps3..wont work with samsung led tv:((((

4 years ago

95% of the time, when I turn on the TV, and receiver, and PS3, the infamous "Mode Not supported" shows up. The rare times it doesn`t, it seems like, is when the reciever is already `warmed up` (having recently been set to the PS3 and working). When the message shows up, turning off the reciever and turning it back on always works. And more often than not, changing the TV input to something else, then back to HDMI works, but sometimes it doesn`t.

The solution?

Setting the PS3 to a lower resolution is not a solution. A 1080p capable TV should be able to display video from a 1080p source, no questions. It`s kind of a waste of money to buy full 1080p samsung system, nly to reduce all the output resolutions to 720p. The system is all connected with high quality Monster HDMI cables.

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