PS3 Update 4.21 Finally Done!

4 years ago

So my PS3 needed an update in order to use PlayStation Store, but the only problem was the fact that the update kept stopping halfway. We spent all day trying to get the update to work, and nothing helped. So we just kept re attempting the update. The message that kept popping up started to get annoying, so we left it till the next day (today).

I went downstairs, and the first thing I see is my family trying to update the PS3 again. I am watching behind my laptop as more failures occur. Soon they gave up and called the PlayStation services number (as recommended by the `suggested actions`), and they had the PlayStation error code ready. What we had to do was disconnect the internet for a few minutes, and then plug it back in and try the update. The update took about an hour, but this time it completed. Now we had to wait for the installation, luckily that didn`t have any failures. So the update was finally completed! But my question is (or was), `Why did the failure occur in the first place even though the PS3 is located near a room away from the access point (with the door being wide open)? It doesn`t matter that much anymore though, as the update has been completed. The worst thing is, we wanted the update just so we could use the PlayStation Store!

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