PS3 From LUUUX Shop - My Second Prize Review

5 years ago

I cashed out my luuux points for my second prize the PS3. My first one was the iPad 2 32GB, which is an awesome gadget, im very happy with it ( you can read my review I did at the time in the link at the end).
I actually received this during the week but I didnt post it right away because I wanted to also give it a little more time to test it out/review it and also because during the week I didnt had the time to write the post as I have been imagining it lol
Ok, so here it goes and I will take you step-by-step in each category:

<li type=circle><strong>What was in box: </strong></li>
I like to do unboxing and this one was great for people that also like because there were boxes inside boxes lol So you had the amazon box ( of course), then the PS3 Move box bundle, inside a PS3 box just with the ps3 and then a small box with the move pack.
So, I got :
<div style="text-indent: 15px;">A PS3 ; 1 wireless controller; 2 move controllers and the move eye/camera ; 1 game Move Sports Championships; cables to connect the ps3 ( no hdmi cable unfortunately) </div>

<li type=circle><strong>Build quality/materials </strong></li>
There really isnt much to say here other than it feels like its resistant, well built, the plastics seems good and they seem to have changed to a matte finish and I guess thats what sets apart the slim models ( like this) to the fat ps3 ( the shiny ones). I did like the shinny ones and their look but at least this way it doest attract fingerprints.
It can stay both vertically or horizontally. I have vertically because of the space I have for it and it stands fine, but you can always get a stand.

<li type=circle><strong>Controllers</strong></li>
The controllers are easy to use. If you used a ps before you probably familiar with the regular controller but the advantage here is that its wireless via BT, so you charge it and dont have to worry about cables.
<div style="text-indent: 15px;">The move controllers are very accurate and easy to use also, the downside of it is that it took 16 hours, if not more, to charge completely. I think the time will go down but it will always take sometime. Still, after charging it can last up to 10 hours of playing.</div>

<li type=circle><strong>Menu</strong></li>

The menu is very simple to use. You start the ps3 with the typical initial settings that you have to fix and select your wireless network if you use one. After that you can use the menu and you have:

&gt;Photos, Music, Video , Game ( of course) and Internet browser

<p><li type=circle><strong>Connectivity ( and access to the computer) </strong></li></p>

You have 2 USB ports that you can use to put flash drives, wifi and Ethernet that you can use. If you connect the ps3 to the network where you computer are and you have media center active you can view your files there, pretty cool. But just do it over Ethernet cable because with wifi they can start to freeze.
This is perfect to watch movies on your tv that you have on your computer.
About the internet browser, is not a big deal and it cant handle all the pages. It does have a special youtube for it but it only streams in the lower quality available =/ its a limitation of them but I need to search a way around it.

<li type=circle><strong>Video </strong></li>

After talking about the video possibilities, I do have to say that the video playback here is kind of limited because it reads avi, mpg,divx and mp4 but it doesnt read something like mkv ( unless you are using the media server from the pc) that have the true hd and it cant read .srt subtitles on it own, so no subtitles unless you use the media server program ( I will talk about it later).

Now, <strong> in case you are wondering about the ordering process: </strong>

The PS3 was sent from ( Italy):

03/13/2012-Order created
Received 03/26/2012 It took a little longer because for Spain and Portugal amazon uses a different carrier once it gets to spain and they arent exactly the best in terms of time and all of that, but it arrived so that is what matters.

I had to review some source links from my older posts. I was surprised at how quickly and how many websites just delete their pages/content after a few months. Amy ( A.Leung) kept my informed all the time on where she was in the reviewing process and gave the links that needed fix, so thanks Amy for the help during the order :)

<strong>Im very happy with the ps3</strong> and I need to get some more new games, but the one it brings it still fun. It can also serve as a media center which I really wanted to and im still exploring it and see what else can be done with it, so expect new posts related to that and im thinking of making a review of the game, so look out for that ;)

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everybody that commented and rated my posts, that added me as a friend, follow me and of course, to LUUUX for giving us the opportunity to have such awesome prizes.

<strong>Do you have a ps3? </strong>
<strong>What was your last luuux order and what is your next goal for a prize?</strong>

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