PS3 can be more slim

The hardware was something that failed in most of the presentations at the last E3, especially if we were waiting for new machines from Sony and Microsoft. Rumors point to a new PlayStation in late 2013, maintaining 2012 as the year dedicated to the company`s handheld, the PlayStation Vita. But the PlayStation 3 may still get a hardware upgrade, particularly in its aesthetics. The PS3 Slim was presented in August 2009, during Gamescom, removing a third of its weight and size. Speaking to Eurogamer at E3, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, said (about a possible new slimmer PlayStation 3), "Do not announced anything goes in terms of PS3 hardware revision. But never say never - the staff hardware is always looking for new ways of doing things cheaper and smaller. " Moreover Yoshida says that they are satisfied with the PS3, and when it comes to the Move, the response is even more direct. Yoshida said that they are not thinking about making any revisions, clarifying that have failed to take full advantage of PS Move, and are looking for new ways to integrate the PS3 Move on. On whether Sony will adopt a system like Kinect (something that has been identified and researched before the PS Move), Yoshida says that "technology evolves, so our staff is always looking for hardware and talk about new and different technologies, so never say never. "

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