PS3 and PSvita have more potencial than Wii U

One of the differentiators of the new home console Nintendo Wii is its U Gamepad with touch screen and motion sensors.

Despite all these new features, which opens a new range of new ways to play, Sony removes any pressure on their consoles, and states that PS Vita is an advantage that the company has.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Scott Rohde, says that the PS Vita in conjunction with the PS3 has greater potential than U Wii and his command.

One of the highlights is the ability to process the PS Vita itself a game or content.

Rohde commented, "One tablet of U Wii does not have a processor, so it`s powered by the box that sits under the TV."

It was also promised that we will see more examples of the connection between the PS3 and the PS Vita. Rohde gives the example of Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time All-Stars and PlayStation Battle Royale, and the connection you have both versions.

Beyond this connectivity, Rohde states that the potential is PS Vita, which are only just over three months after launch, and have sold more than 1.8 million units.

"If you hold out a player and in Vita, you`ll have fun. You`ll use as a device like this (looking for an iPhone) if you want to play," adds Scott Rohde.

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