Proud American Hummer!

I really don`t agree with driving around in these huge hummers. There`s really no reason you need a car this big! It`s difficult for parking and is terrible for the environment, but people do it anyways. Regardless, I can but help appreciate the design of this Proud American Hummer. It has a blue front with stars all over it. Then on the sides it has the red and white stripes. This is one patriotic hummer, and I think it`s a symbol of how America is one of the most wasteful countries in the world. We create the most amount of trash and landfills each year, and not to mention the food that we waste. My parents have always taught me that with food you can go up to two weeks after the expiration date, but with certain meats, you shouldn`t. It`s so true, the dates they put on our food is just FDA regulations and companies protecting themselves from getting sued, but the food is good. In Japanese and some Asian and European cultures, we eat parts of animals that a lot of Americans find disgusting, and that already proves how wasteful we Americans are. I worked at a restaurant as a hostess once, and I`ve seen how in the back kitchens, with fish, they chop the heads off and throw them away. Did you know that one fish head could feed a family of five for up to a month! We make broth with it, and that broth tastes better the long you reheat and add ingredients to it. At bakeries and some restaurants in America, a lot of food that doesn`t sell just gets tossed out, at best they`ll keep it around for 1-2 days.

This big beast of a car was definitely a conversation starter in our tour group. It`s a work of art because of the design, but also because of the controversy that it sparks. I highly recommend going to the National Automobile Museum and checking out all these automobiles!

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