Protein diet

4 years ago

So what are your thoughts on this?
Could you live carb free until you reached your goal weight?
I hear it`s the easiest way to lose weight without exercise (obviously exercise will speed things up)
It turns your body to a fat burning machine according to some.

My partner is better at this than me and lost a stone (14lb) in around 2 weeks and swore by it.
Eating 4 times a day to avoid the body feeling starved.

He found this really easy, however, I am a little lazy and like a treat now and then so avoided it and ate the usual but balanced foods - he won of course, I hadn`t lost but gained 3lb!! and I was exercising! - maybe I was just born to be a BBW :/
So I eventually gave in and tried out this madness, the first day I hated it(and I admit cheated a couple of days and had a little chocolate)
But it got surprisingly easy! I wasn`t hungry and was happy with what I was eating, I had more energy *throws energy pills over shoulder* and my whole body felt amazing! I felt happier as a whole. Although I hadn`t moved a dress size, my tummy felt firmer and a whole less bloated.
I lost about an Inch around my waist, I didn`t get to weigh myself but certainly felt I had lost weight. If I am honest, I probably didn`t exercise once *guilty face*

I only did this for a week before major stress got me back to comfort eating though, but I will be starting again on Monday and will keep it up and a better diary maybe a weekly weigh in/ blog?

So what are your thoughts, tips, tricks, preferences?
Help others, Share away :) ~x~

*photo from Google images (I really must buy a new camera :/)

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