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4 years ago

I noticed that many girls prefer the elliptical because it`s low impact and has been rumored to burn a lot of calories.

Though both is true, you won`t see results unless you have the proper posture and technique, which unfortunately not many people on the elliptical have.

When I see people on the elliptical, they feel proud of themselves going lightening fast. However, they`re hunched over and they never see the see the results.

For one thing, elliptical is most useful on higher resistances, not speed. If you increase your resistance, you will actually burn a lot more calories than running through the thing with no resistance.

Second, you have to elongate your legs when you do the elliptical. It doesn`t help when your legs are just going up and down. That would build a lot of calf muscle and most girls I see have huge calves as a result.

The best approach is doing them slowly on a high resistance level. You should keep your body upright and straight looking forward. This way you engage your abs.

Then when you are shuffling forward and back on the elliptical, keep your legs long, as if you are doing lunges. This way, it works the back of your thighs and butt.

I always go slow on full resistance and other girls jeer at me giving me dirty looks at the gym. Well, the funny thing is, my workout was more effective than theirs and I weigh about 30 lbs less.

Posture is key.

Hope that helps!

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