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3 years ago

Proof that Hello Kitty is EVIL

Image copyright of http://WOKV.com.

I saw this earlier today on Twitter. This is a news story about murder that happened literally 6 houses away from where I used to live, and the weird thing is that it`s a nice community.

I believe that Hello Kitty is responsible for this heinous crime. Why? Well, this case just has some strange details that just aren`t natural. For one, the woman is the one who committed the murder. This is a bit unusual to me. A small 24 year old woman killed a 53 year old man? Hmm, not likely unless the man was asleep or handicapped possibly.

Ah, but there is another clue. The woman is wearing a red Hello Kitty shirt, therefore the logical conclusion is that Hello Kitty temporarily possessed this woman`s body and forced her to stab the man to death.

Well, that or she was just crazy.

Source link: http://www.wokv.com/news/news/local/police-arrest-fruit-cove-murder-suspect/nC89Y/#comments