Prometheus Review

4 years ago

Ever wonder how mankind came to exist? Did we just evolve from some type of creature or did Omnipotent-Being mold us? Apparently, here comes a movie that seeks to provide answers to all those questions in the form of Prometheus. This science-fiction movie tells a story of a team of scientists who have discovered clues to mankinds existence. They venture off to some mysterious planet to find the truth, but more questions arise rather than answers.

Prometheus is the type of movie that makes audience question the principles of creationism and evolution. Directed by Ridley Scott, the creator of the Aliens movies, fan boys and girls flock over to see this highly anticipated movie. After watching the movie, I was left thinking wha-how did thatwhere are we at? Total confusion and a bit annoyed by one or two members of the cast. On a side note, I have to say the Fassbender guy was quite impressive on the eye as well as Charlize Theron. Nonetheless, the movie was able to keep audiences attention.

Heres the gist of the story: Team finds something, goes seek out the answers, things go wrong and some people die. Verdict: Would I see it again? No. It is worth seeing? Maybe, depending on how much you like the science-fiction genre. When I walked out, some members of the audience voiced their amusement while others voices their displeasure. It comes down to lovers and haters.

Will you be a lover or a hater of Prometheus?

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