Prom Series: Found My Shoes! :)

Hey Guys! I wanted to go ahead and share my experience for prom. Im super excited because I have officially started buying things for my prom :) So you may not know, but I am still a high school senior, even though i look pretty damn old lol. But I am having my prom this year and I already have an idea of what i want to wear and frankly, i dont want something too tacky. Me and my prom date (my very good guy friend) decided that we wanted to look classy and stand out of all the leopard prints and such (not that i have anything against it) but we wanted to just have it nice and classy and go with a simple color palette of black and gold. I plan on wearing a black strapless dress (still on the search for it). Which we still want to be edgy, i decided on wearing glitter shoes. And i TOTALLY found them this week. I was looking around at the mall with my mom this week and we went into some random shoe store called Call It Spring They used to just call it Spring but now its that lol. Anyway, we saw these gorgeous glitter shoes and i saw that the heel wasnt too high so i KNEW i had to grab them. They are a really pretty black shoe with glitters. I LOVE that they have kind of holographic glitter scattered around them. I know that they would be glittering all over the place. I also rubbed at the glitter and they dont come off at all! They look like a galaxy background which is great because me and my friend (also my date) are quite big galactic fans :) The best thing about them is that they were only $40! I am a firm believer in not spending TOO much on prom. I know its a great night and everything but it is just one night. Some girls in my school are spending thousands of dollars and frankly, i would rather spend that on my tuition and books for college next year. Anyway, This pair of shoes are amazing! they feel amazing and they are totally pretty. The heel was the selling point for me. I am 5`6 and my date is about 5`11-6`0 and i did NOT want to be taller than him. I thought that it was going to be impossible to buy glitter shoes that arent 5 inches but when i saw them, i knew i had to get them Anyway, if you guys are interested in purchasing the same shoes, Click right Please let me know what you guys think of these shoes in the comments below :) Also follow this series that im starting and follow me through my process of prom :) till later! - Jemimah

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