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4 years ago

My boyfriend and I got into a bit of a problem on May 10th where we didn`t really talk (he was really upset at me and I was really upset about how he was acting ). The next day, he told me that our mutual friend asked us to go out later in the day. I said that I might if I am free later on. I ended up going and he said we had to go to this park before we headed to go out because our mutual friend was there. We went there and went to look for her. My boyfriend then says, hey want to see something cool and told me to look down... and it said " PROM ? <3 " I first said, "Is this someone else`s " LOL which is kind of rude :$ I said yes tho ! A lot of people helped out with it and 3 of them got tickets for parking at the park without paying ( thinking it was already pretty late), getting wax on their legs and getting a popped tire!

Love my friends and boyfriend :$

<Strong> What do you think of this ? </strong> :)

take care
the picture above is mine*

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