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Pictures are mine! Last Saturday was my junior prom. My boyfriend was my date =) we had a really good time, and two of my good friends won prom king and queen! Because I`ve been so busy this year with classes and stuff (can you tell? I`ve barely updated!), prom kind of sneaked up on me. I bought my dress two weeks before prom, and bought all my hair products two days before. I chose to do my own hair because my dress was short, flirty, and reminds me a lot of spring. So I just curled my hair and did a braid headband. Nothing too fancy and would require a hairdresser. I was so scared that the products I bought would fail me halfway through prom, but lucky, they all performed really well, exceeding my expectations!
Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray $3.16 I bought this blindly, because I`ve had nothing but good experiences with Aussie in the past. I ran a wet comb through my hair, then sprayed this on and ran it through. I waited until it was dry, then started curling my hair (with the next product). I curled my hair for three days in a row (two practice days, then prom night) and used this protectant spray all three days. My hair still felt really soft after prom, so I`m assuming this product works well ^^
Conair You Curl Curling Wand XL $29.99 I`ve never tried a curling wand before. I`ve always found the traditional clip curling irons convenient, because you don`t really need two hands to do your hair. In the box, Conair packs the curling wand, and a three-finger glove that covers your thumb, index, and middle finger. The coating of the wand is ceramic, which I hear is better for your hair than anything metallic. Conair claims that the wand heats up completely in 30 seconds. I didn`t actually count, but it did heat up relatively fast. It was ready to go at 410 degrees (highest it goes) in under a minute. The only complaint I have about this product is that it is easy to accidentally press the power button and turn it off while curling. I do it fair frequently every time I use it, and end up confused as to why my hair stops curling after a few minutes. But other than that, the curls came out beautifully with this. I love that you can create loose curls normally, and tight curls using the tapered end of the wand. My curls stayed in place all night, for nine hours (with hairspray, next item in line). I love the shape of the curls that come out. They seem a lot more natural and less cynlindrical than the ones done by a clip curler. You can create casual waves by wrapping more hair around the wand. All in all, this wand is highly versatile for creating a variety of hairstyles.
Aussie Opposites Attract Hairspray $3.16 This is another product I bought blindly. I opted for a non-aerosol hairspray because it contains more product and you don`t have to shake it up too much. Although this held my hair in place through all the dancing, I hated the nozzle. It sprays
streams, not a fine mist. I found that you have to press it really fast and all the way down to get a mist. Otherwise, the product just drips down your hair and makes it really crunchy. But if you can manage to mist the product, your hair feels really natural, almost like nothing`s there. So great product, terrible packaging. -------------------------------------------- For the hair I did, I followed by SecretLifeOfaBioNerd on YouTube. The hair tutorial starts about halfway through the video. I thought the hairstyle was really cute, especially if you have ombre hair. I received so many compliments on my hair throughout the night! I didn`t have any leaves, so I borrowed a white flower flip from a friend, and clipped it to hide where the braid started. Picture 1: nine hours after I first curled my hair Picture 2: the products Picture 3: about an hour after I curled my hair For high resolution pictures (and pictures of my dress), please visit my blog post, linked in the source. hair

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