Prom Edition 2012: Hair

4 years ago

Hey, if you had read my blog about my prom dress. This time it is my prom hair :) Yes, prom season is over... but i would love to share yall about my prom hehe, starting with my hair. My hair is pretty long, to be honest, it has lots of split ends! I didnt want to cut my hair because i was saving it for prom! I know i wanted an updo. I was suppose to do my hair at a beauty school but it was all booked. So about 5 days before prom I called in and booked a spot at 3. I went to this beauty store called Sune. My sister suggested me to go there. The stylist we know who works there used to cut our hair in chinatown. It closed down due to adding new muni routes. Anways, Sune recently open the back of the store as a salon.
One the big day, I had a picture printed out and I wanted to do something like it. But the picture was blurry and it only had the back. My sister had used that picture for her prom too. My sister was down at Irvine, so she couldnt help me describe how the hair looks like. and she didnt have any prom pictures expect the professional one, which didnt really help BECAUSE the stylist and I cannot really see it :(. First, she had her assistance to curl my hair and hold the curl with pins to like the heat cool off as it is curled up. After she took all the pins off, my hair was extremely puffy with the curls. i kinda freaked out. then she combs it out, my hair was wild. She asked how i wanted it since we cannot see the picture correctly. I try to explain how the picture looks like but i guess i wasn`t using hair terminology so she was confused. so she suggested a poof and let the bottom to be curl.
As she began to do it, I stop her few minutes because it wasn`t the way i wanted. one more time i tried to describe it then she tried something new. I was nervous! time it running out, we are both stressing. Then she styled it. The half top was all "detailed" the correct term according to her. my curls started to die down, she sprayed so much hair spray on my hair. But at the end, it was pretty. It took two hour. and costed $40 . Tipped 6 for her hardworking!
Going to prom, my hair stayed on the whole night even when i danced and wind blew when i was outside. As i went home and it still looks the same as i came out of the salon. That`s how good they did their job ! Plus, i received so much compliments on my hair :D

- Don`t own the pictures. Pictures are from Sune`s facebook.
But that`s 100% me though.

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