Prom Edition 2012: Dress

4 years ago

DRESS 101: Though prom season is over. Yet, I would like to share my experience. First thing first. Finding the perfect dress was difficult. I checked many sites to see which of them offers the cheapest dress and still have a nice style. The sites I checked out are: ,,,,,,, and I was really considering to order from micwell (introduced by my friend) but I was really afraid if was a scam. I was looking through reviews, and it was hard to trust. My friend had order her prom dress there, but it was a little risky. Micwell sells knock off dresses of course, but it didnt matter to me. Then my sister searched up some sites and found outerinner. Outerinner and Micwell`s prices are similar and I rather go for outerinner because of people`s review. RIGHT when i want to order. HOLY SH!T, shipping is expensive than ever. I couldn`t afford it. I usually go check out Ross , and Macy`s for their dresses. and i did! I saw Macy`s dresses... and I would know if i get it here, there is a huge chance i will have a same dress as someone. I wouldnt like that. Ross, I saw couple dresses that are affordable, yet they arent out there. [Also, there is this organization called Princess Project gives out free dresses. I got a dress from there but i didnt wear it for prom. Just wanna throw out there if you live around Sf`s bay area.] Okay, my last option was EBAY. and it was cheap and new. Still a knock off though. First dress, I bought was a pink high and low dress. It was suppose to be a zipper in the back, instead it was lace up. GOD. i was so mad. It looked hideous. and dress is too small. That is also why i was afraid to buy my prom dress online; i cannot even try it on. Man, it was about $55. took 2 - 2 1/2 weeks to come. Free shipping.. all the way from china. Fast. I panicked , I didn`t know what to do. So3 weeks before prom. i ordered this long purple cutout back dress. same price as the pink one. When i received it, it was a bit long on the straps. It was a week before prom, i got it alternate it for $15. But im glad i wore that dress for prom! I felt beautiful on prom day ( april 28th, 2012 @ city hall ) !

TIPS: 1) if you want to buy dress online, buy it early. Just in case it doesnt fit or anything. and sometimes shipping is forever.
1a) if you are buying it online, before purchasing it. go to a dress store (macys) and compare price, and try out a dress that is similar style to the one you one.... so you know how you look, how it feels, and the size.
1b) if you buy a dress online, and you dont know if u want a size up or down. go for a size up so you can still alternate it. OR follow 1a. ( go to a dress store and find a dress similar to the one u want. and use it as a guide to determine your size)
1c) buying it online, there are some sites that can customize the size. GO FOR IT.
2) cheapest season to buy prom dress is when prom is over, and summer!
3) go for a short dress, instead of a long one. Short dress tends to be wore more often to other formal places rather than a long one. ( my opinion , if you wanna make use of your money! )

* For those girls went to prom............
-Tell me your experience!
-Tell me your dress and where you got it!
-Share me your story :)

* If you didnt go prom...
- Tell me what dress you like base on my photos
- tell me what you would wear to prom from my pictures or outside from my pictures!

Thanks for reading! :D
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*own pictures
Fruity flower one , white, and red dress from Ross.
Black dresses from Princess Project.
Pink and the purple from EBay.

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