Prolong Your Manicure with Glitter

2 years ago

Hi everyone! Have you ever done your nails, and then noticed the next day there was a small smudge or nick? Or maybe after a week or so of wear, the polish is cracking and chipping? You may not have time to redo your nails with a fresh set of polish or maybe you like the color too much, so what do you do? You can prolong the life of your mani by simply topping it with some glitter polish!

This isn`t a new trick, but it`s a great tip in case either situation pops up. My latest manicure featured Essie`s `In the Cab-ana,` which I posted about recently. What you didn`t see was that I had nicked my thumb nail while trying to open a container later that night after I had finished. I didn`t have the time or patience to redo the nail, so I topped it off with a new glitter polish I got from Ulta, Revlon`s `Woven Clutch,` which is from their new Tweed and Leather collection. It`s pink and gold bar glitter suspended in a clear base, and it hid the nick.

Eventually, as the polish started chipping some more, I painted all of my nails with `Woven Clutch,` to get a couple more days out of my manicure.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you found this tip helpful.

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