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Here comes another game review by me! This is my favorite game for the Nintendo 3DS. It`s called Project Mirai and it`s for the 3DS and 3DS XL! Released in March of this year (2012) Project Mirai, like Project Diva, has you taking up the rolls of the 6 most popular Vocaloids again, this time in their super deformed "Nenderoid" (a type of figure line - Google it) versions (SD) as they sing and dance to more of their most popular songs.

I have played this game only a little becasue it`s only for the Japanese 3DS system and won`t play on any others. A Japanese friend of mine had come over here for the summer and brought his 3DS and Project Mirai with him.

The gameplay`s controls are rather simple. It is similar to the the Project Diva games except instead of the button symbols appearing randomly across the screen you get a little wheel that shows you which buttons are coming up and when to hit them (see 2nd video). Graphics for the game are very good for a 3DS game. Cute too! :D All the characters are done in their SD versions, small body and a big head, making them look incredibly cute. They are very well animated and very well put together. The backgrounds are understandably smaller than from the ones from Project Diva, but they are still very brightly colored and very artistic at times. All these put together make for one well excellently made 3DS game with a surprising high amount quality! Again like with the PD games there`s not many sound effects except for only the menus and such. But yet again IT`S THE SOUND TRACK THAT DRIVES THIS GAME! A list of 21 songs not heard on the PD games drives this game! Each one will make you get up and either dance or go "awww" to. This game is just so cute! Another cool aspect to the game is that with some songs when you change the character in that song to another, the voice will also change to that character. So you can have all 6 Vocaloids sing the same song in their own voice! How cool is that!? There`s not much of a story to the game, but like the other PD games you must complete songs on higher difficulties and get higher scores to unlock more songs, and more costumes for the characters. I`m not very sure about the "items in the room" thing for this game though as I haven`t played it much to find that part out. Sadly though, Neru, Haku, and Teto aren`t a part of this game, even as downloads. However there IS and extra character that you can DL. Her name is GUMI, she`s not technically a Vocaloid but a Megpoid. Meaning she was created by another company other from Future Crypton Media, creator of all the official Vocaloids. Another cool feature to the game is an Augmented Reality feature just like with Project Diva f! You can take a picture using the 3Ds`s camera and pose of the SD Vocaloids in that picture. However just like with the PS Vita the camera is only .3 megapixles, so the pictures tend to suffer quality wise. However the rest of the game is super fun!

So all in all this game (the little I`ve played) is really fun to play! The different game play style for this game is a refreshing difference from the the other Project Diva games and the cute character models and their cute dancing will make you HNNNNNNNNGGGG so many times! I do HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone with the Japanese 3DS looking for a cute game to play!

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