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Here comes another game review by me! This one is called Project Diva f and it`s so far my favorite game for the PS Vita! Now I`ve already posted a couple of trailers for the game before but never a review of the game. And since I don`t have a PS Vita of my own (yet) I played this on a friend`s PS Vita. Released this past August (2012) Project Diva f once again has you reprise the rolls of the 6 most famous Vocaloids as they sing and dance to an entire new list of songs!

The gameplay`s controls are similar to the ones from the PSP Project Diva games, however they have been updated to the PS Vita controls and have had a couple of new controls added. Most notably is the "Scratch" feature in which during all the songs you must swipe the screen to hit some unique star notes. Another new control feature is an augmented Reality feature in which you can take a pic of something and have Miku or one of the other Vocalids pose in the picture! For example you can take a picture of your bed with the PS Vita and have Miku or another Vocaloid standing beside it stretching and yawning. HOW COOL IS THAT!? Graphics to the game is what really changed for the game. Going from the PSP`s 32bits to the PS Vita`s 120 bits, the graphics received a MASSIVE boost in quality! The character models, backgrounds, and video play ALL got a huge boost in quality. The backgrounds are MUCH more interactive with the characters and even background characters were added this time to some songs (see 1st video above). This great boost in graphics really helps to bring out the best in the Vocaloids` dancing and interacting with each other and the songs they are in. The only down side is the PS Vita`s punitive camera. it`s only .3 megapixles. So the AR feature really suffers from it. Despite this draw back the game`s graphics really push the boundary of the PS Vita`s abilities! Sound effects this time were added to some of the videos to add more realism to them to make it seem like you were watching more than just a music video. This was a welcomed improvement! But once again just like with the other PD games. IT`S THE SOUNDTRACK THAT DRIVES THIS GAME!!! 37 all new songs make up the song list and each and every one of them is very high quality. Each and every song have you dancing while you play them, they are that good! A few older songs are available for DL via the PS Network which have received the upgraded graphics treatment. And they also look so awesome with the better graphics! Not much of a story to the game but like the other PD Games you must play songs on harder modes and earn higher scores to unlock more songs, unlock more items for the Vocaloids` rooms (yup the room feature is still there!), and unlock more costumes! Many of the costumes form the other PD games are available to DL via the PS network FOR FREE. However unlike the other PD Games Neru, Haku, and Teto must be PURCHASED via the PS Network in order to play with them. That`s a REAL big bummer. And they don`t even get other costumes unlike the other games. My friend and I have yet to get 100% completion on this game (we`re tag teaming it) becasue it`s a lot harder than it looks. The new scratch feature keeps us on our toes and sometimes it`s challenging to keep up with.

All in all so far this game is tremendously good and it`s already sold more than Project Diva 2 in the same time period from its release date. This makes me wish that the luuux store had the PS Vita for sale. I`d get it 1st thing just for this game! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the game to everyone!

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