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4 years ago

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Here comes another game review by me! This one is yet another favorite of mine for the PSP. It`s called Project Diva Extend and is the 3rd and final Project Diva game for the PSP. Released last year in 2011 Project Diva Extend once again has you reprise any of the 6 most famous official Vocaloids and the 2 famous fan made Vocaloids Neru Akita and Haru Yowane, as they sing and dance to more of their songs up to 2011!

The gameplay`s rhythm controls are once again identical to that of the 1st two so no need to go further into that. Graphics for the game once again received a slight uptick in clarity. Backgrounds got more colorful and lively with most songs and this time a concert crowd was added for some of the songs that take place in a concert setting. Character models, while remaining the same, received a skeleton upgrade which allowed them some more poseability. Though it`s not very noticeable unless you look hard enough. Sounds effects were again only for the menus. And yet again IT`S THE SOUNDTRACK THAT DRIVES THIS GAME!!!!! 42 songs are on the list, several of their older songs from previous games return but there are several new ones as well! These awesome new songs will only increase your love for the Vocaloids. There`s no real story to the game and like usual you must complete the available songs on harder difficulties and get higher scores in order to unlock more songs, items for the Vocaloids` rooms, and costumes for them to wear! You could even upload all the costumes from the previous 2 games! But a new added feature to this game not from the other games is the ability to DL a few more songs plus another character by the name of Teto Kasane who actually ISN`T a Vocaloid but is an Utauoid, a "fake" vocaloid that was released in 2009 on April Fools day. Once again Project Diva Extend is a VERY hard Rhythm game to complete. Getting to 100% is SO HARD!!! But once you do it`s such a satisfying feeling!

So all in all this is yet another great game for the Project Diva series. With its great graphics, Great characters and singers, challenging gameplay, and downloadable content, this game will have you coming back again and again! I again HIGHLY recommend it!

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