Project Diva Dreamy Theater

4 years ago

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Here comes another game review by me! This one is called Project Diva Dreamy Theater. Released in 2010, Dreamy Theater is a downloadable game/add-on off of the Playstation Network that works with all 3 of the Project Diva games for the PSP and has you playing the roles of all 6 of the official Vocaloids along with the fan made ones as they song and dance in PS3 graphics!

The gameplay`s controls are identical to all the PD games controls. Graphics for the game are spectacular to say the least. As a PS3 "add-on" for the PSP PD games you must have the game installed on both the PS3 and the PSP and have the PSP plugged into the PS3 at all times for the game to work. The characters, backgrounds, and all alike still move the same way but their graphics are bumped up to 256bits giving a whole new look for the game! Sounds are the same for the PSP, but the soundtrack now comes in 5.1! The soundtrack was in stero for the PSP but with this game you get upgraded to marvalous 5.1 suround sound! ALL the songs from all 3 PSP PD games can be played on this "add-on" so they all get this 5.1 treament! No story to the game but like the PSP PD games you must play songs on harder modes with higher scores to unlock all the other songs, items, and cotsumes.

So all in all this "add-on" is the absolute BEST way to experiance the Project Diva games to their fullest! I HIGHLY recommend this add-on from the PS3 network to anyone wanting a better game to watch, play, and listen to..... and perhaps dance to!

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