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Here comes another game review by me! This one is called Project Diva Arcade and this will be the last PD game I`ll review since I`ve already reviewed all the others! Released in 2010 at the same time that PD Dreamy Theater was, PDA is an arcade version of the 1st 2 Project Diva games. It has you once again reprising the rolls of the 6 official Vocaloids along with the 2 fan mades ones as they sing and dance to some of their most famous songs up to 2010 and more!

The gameplay`s controls are nearly identical to that of the PSP games, expect on a MUCH larger scale. Using baseball sized buttons laidout in a PSP layout (4 shapes buttons and 4 direction buttons) you select and play the songs as the various rhythm notes appear on the screen. The graphics was the best on this game, matching that of the PS3`s Project Diva Dreamy Theatre at 256bits! The impproved graphics themself is what made the arcade verion worth spending your yen/dollars on! All the characters and the backgrouds got the 256bit treament making their videos some of the best the Project Diva series has to offer. Sound effects were a LOT better than the other PD games including that of PD Dreamy Theater and made them sound a lot like the DDR games selection menus! But really IT`S THE SOUNDTRACK THAT DRIVES THIS GAME!!!!! All the songs from the 1st two PD games are on this arcade game but there are several more that are not on ANY of the other PD games including Extend and PD f. So this is an excellent way to see many more of the Vocaloids most famous songs being sung and danced to by them. Some versions of this arcade game had a 5.1 speaker bar that hung from the top of the game that gave you truly surround sound! So cool! No real story to the game but as with all other PD games you must complete songs on higher modes and get higher scores to unlock more songs and costumes! PD Arcade also has a MUCH larger selection of costumes than any other PD game and many of them are exclusive to the arcade version! The arcade game also supported an IC card function in which you receoveed a printed out card with your info on it and a small memory card inside to save your progress on! So you leave the game for a few days and come back to it and load your saved data on it and continue from where you left off! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!! Sadly I have yet to play this game since most are only located in Japan and VERY few are here in the USA and only one on the east coast but nowhere near me. But from what I`ve been hearing from friends who HAVE played it, they absolutly love it!!!

So all in all this game is really fun and awesome to play. And with such better graphics, many other songs never before playable on the other PD games, and the massive amout of unlockable constumes, this game is certianly made to keep you comming back for days and spend your money on to try and complete it. So if you`re ever in Japan (or happen to find on in the US somewhere) then by all means I HIGHLY recommend you play this game!!!!!

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