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Here`s comes another game review by me! This one is another one of my all time favorite PSP games! It`s called Project Diva 2nd and is the 2nd of the PSP Project Diva games! Released in 2010 PD2nd has you reprising the roles of all 6 of the most famous Vocaloids from the 1st game as they sing and dance to some of their most famous songs up to 2010!

The gameplay`s controls are identical to that from the 1st Project Diva, with just a few VERY minor tweaks so it`s really not necessary to go into it again. Graphics to the game did receive a slight bump in clarity. The Backgrounds to many of the songs were also more highly animated which was a great improvement! The character models also got a slight boost, not much but it is noticeable. Their animations got more livelier as well. Other than that the game it pretty much the same at the 1st gameplay wise. Sounds effects are minor becasue most of them are only in the menus. But yet again IT`S THE SOUNDTRACK THAT DRIVES THIS GAME!!! Another 30 songs are added along with some returning songs from the 1st PD game. So many news songs added I guarantee will make you smile and dance! There`s not much of a story to the game, but like the 1st game as you complete more songs on higher difficulties with higher scores you unlock more songs, and many MANY more costumes and items for the Vocaloids` rooms! If you`re lucky and good enough you can unlock the famed "Chance Time" which extends the song to it`s full version and gives you bonus points for each correctly timed button pushed! There is a change up in this game`s menu selection which changed the video watching from the main menu and moved it into their room`s selection menu. It also moved the Costume change feature to their rooms as well. This actually helped solve the problem of confusion many people had from the 1st game who were trying to watch the music video`s without playing them, but couldn`t figure out how to. Their rooms also got a few more add-ons like many other various versions of their rooms, and custom placement of items for the room. You could switch out one item in a room for another and move it around to another spot in the room! And this time the Vocaloids in their rooms interacted a little more than from the 1st game to the items and sometimes with each other! This game is very fun to play just like the 1st and the minor improvements over the 1st game helped make this the most sold Project Diva game until 2012! You can even DL all the costumes from the 1st game onto the PD 2nd game as well! How cool it that!? Again it`s pretty hard to try and get 100% everything done on the game, but it`s so satisfying when you complete it! And more good news! This game also has an English patch for it! All the menus are TLed but this time the lyrics to the songs are not. And the patch only works for the ISO of the game and not the hard disk. But again this doesn`t stop you from buying the game, which I encourage you to do! You can get the English patch from the link just below.

So all in all this game is just as fun to play and listen to as the 1st if not just a little bit better with the improvements! The new songs, hard gameplay, fun graphics, wonderful singing and catchy tunes, and character models will have you coming back to this game again and again to play more and listen to all the wonderful songs! I HIGHLY recommend this game to all people especially the people who like rhythm games!

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