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Here comes another game review by me! This game is one of my all time favorite PSP games! It`s called Project Diva! Released in 2009 for the PSP, Project Diva allows you to play any of the 5 most famous Vocaloids, Kaito, Meiko, Len and Rin Kagamine, Luka Megurine, and most famous of all MIKU HATSUNE; as they dance and sing some of their most famous songs!!!!!

The gameplay`s controls are pretty simple. The game is very similar to the Dance Dance Revolution games in that its button timing rhythm game. As the song goes along you must hit the correct buttons as they randomly pop up on the screen and hit them at the right time. Most of the buttons will be the shapes buttons on the PSP although the occasional direction D-Pad button will need to be used. Those of you who are Familiar with the DDR games will find this game style very familiar. Although the buttons do pop up on different parts of the screen rather than in a rail slide system. So it makes the game pretty intense to play. Graphics for the game are very well put together. Although the backgrounds are rather simplified, they are well set out and some even have moveable animations. However the BGs aren`t the main focus of the game, the Vocaloids are. The Vocaloids` models are very well put together and excellently animated. Their mouths move to the singing very well and their dancing is very lively and very well animated. You may even want to get up and dance yourself! LOL. Sound effects for the game are rather basic given that all of them are pretty much just in the menus. The soundtrack however IS WHAT DRIVES THIS GAME!!!!! Many of the Vocaloids most popular songs (up to 2009) are in this game and they sing and dance to them. I`m pretty sure that many of these songs will make you a fan. Especially of Miku Hatsune who is the most famous Vocaloid of them all! And it`s so easy to see why. There`s near 40 songs to choose from! There`s not a story to the game but rather as you complete the songs with higher scores and on higher difficulties you open up new songs, costume that your Vocaloids can wear, and new items you can add to their rooms. Yes there is a room feature where you can see each individual Vocaloid wonder around their room messing with items or occasionally interacting with their other vocaloid friends. Even better is if you do REALLY well during a song you unlock "Chance TIme" which extends the song to it`s full length rather that its normal game time and gives you and extra 1000 points per successful not hit! It`s rather fun and difficult to try and earn a 100% to the game, and you will be frustrated more than once. But it`s a blast when you get through that one hard song on Extreme Mode! Oh and the news gets better about this game, THERE IS AN ENGLISH PATCH FOR IT!!!! See link below. It only works though if you have the ISO of the game and no the hard disk game. Doesn`t mean you can`t still just buy the game anyway! :p

So all in all this is a VERY fun game if you like rhythm games or just like watch Miku and the other Vocaloids dance. There is a "video mode" to each of the music videos so you can watch them rather them play them if you want. So I HIGHLY recommend this game to everyone!

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