Project 10 pan

4 years ago

After my trip to Paris in March, I realized that I have to downsize my collection of beauty products. I bought several things from Paris that I did not truly need and I knew they would last me a long time. Around the same time, I also cleaned my drawers and end up throwing away some old make up that I did not use any more. Therefore, I decided I need to stop buying and start using before this beauty product obsession turns into hoarding.

I did not want to do just project 10 pan, since I have more than 10 things I need to finish. This problem of mine is not restricted to make up, but I have loads of shower products as well. Thus, I have followed a rule of not buying a new product until the old product is finished since March. My goal is to really use the products, not just waste them. Finishing some products, like lip stick and eye shadow, will take me a long, long time, since I do not normally wear make up a lot. If I have many similar products, I will finish one and start using the other one. This way I will get rid of empty bottles sooner!

I have bought a couple of things before finishing the old product, but considerable less than usually. I also have finished some products without replacing them immediately, like shower gel and body lotion since I have too many bottles of both already. Although the progress is slow, I feel so good thinking about how I am saving money not buying products that will sit on my shelf or drawer forever and how I am basically decluttering my home. I deffinately recommend living like this for at least half a year, since lets face it, women generally have more than enough of beauty products.

<strong>Have you done project 10 pan? How do you keep your collection of beauty products not expanding too much?</strong>

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