Project 10-pan - First try!

5 years ago

My first project 10-pan (actually, including all the non-makeup items I have in the shower / bathroom, probably more like a Project 20-pan)! I have gathered a really horrifyingly large collection of cosmetics / toiletries, which was fine when I was by myself, but I just moved in with my boyfriend last summer and it was kind of embarrassing to have him see just how much face cream and cosmetics I have, not to mention how much of the space it monopolizes in the bathroom of a studio apartment being shared by two people. So for 2012, I`ve decided to embark on a Project 10 (or 20) Pan in the interest of saving 1) money, 2) space, 3) my sanity.

I`ve managed to do a lot of purging throughout the end of 2011, but I still have more than I`ll ever use, so I made a little pile of things I`ve used pretty frequently, but which had fallen to the bottom of the pile in favor of some newer sparkly object.
1. Physician`s Formula Happy Booster - Light Bronzer
2. Benefit Stay Don`t Stray primer sample
3. Stila Diamond Lil eyeshadow (quite possibly the first eyeshadow I`ve ever touched pan on and basically on its last legs but I included it anyway)
4. Make Up Professional (discontinued line) Smokey Grey Lavender eyeshadow
5. Shiseido Sheer Gloss lipstick in Honey Tea
6. MAC Lustre lipstick in Jubilee (I love this and am actually really happy I rediscovered it, but it has to go)
7. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle sample vial from Sephora
8. Wet n Wild Megalash clinical mascara
9. Revlon Wet/Dry eyeliner in Chocolate Bar
10. Shiseido The Makeup Powder Foundation compact (not shown)
I included the hand cream in the pic because it`s in my makeup bag and basically almost done as well. Some of these are really almost finished and probably don`t really qualify under the `full-size` 10 pan general rules/guidelines, but since I plan on rotating newer items in that are more `compliant` I figured it couldnt hurt to include them (and make me feel productive when I finish four items right off the bat, hah). I`m really just trying to adhere to a philosophy of using what I already have and being more conscientious about my spending habits, not spending so frivolously. For all the money I frittered away on a bag of drugstore makeup, I could have just bought one nice higher end palette or saved up for a nice dinner. Ultimately, Id like to have more memories and less makeup, and more time for things that are a little more important (not bashing on makeup, but the amount of time I spend hunting for limited editions or shopping online or listing the stuff I no longer want on ebay is astounding and could probably be better spent)!

I`ll try to post pics of my empties / discards and discuss my progress.

Wish me luck!

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