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Well, this is taking guts to post, but here it is.

The left of the picture was two and a half months ago I believe, and the right is today, I probably should have taken a picture before I ate but I woke up hungry lol.

I`m only posting this because I am proud of myself. Mind you I never considered myself to be big, but I was definitely carrying excess fat that if I could remove, well why not? Everytime I tried to work out I would quit after two weeks because I would say no I`m not big blah blah blah..
It`s not about being big or small but being healthy. Ever since I`ve been eating clean i have WAY more energy than before! I usually work out for 45mins a day too, but I attribute this to eating clean.

It may not be the biggest difference ever, because I have had some super busy weeks in which I had to work and go to school and came home extremely tired, so I slacked a bit, but I feel a difference in my pants, in the way my shirts fit, so for that I am very proud of myself!

Thanks for reading :)
Pics are mine.

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