Professional Makeup Brushes for ONLY UNDER $30! Referred by Kandee Johnson!

6 years ago

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Now I know what you are all thinking professional brushes for under $30, I know I thought the same thing..But here is the thing, if this was said from any other youtuber, I totally would have passed this amazing deal up....But the famous youtube guru we all know and love, how cant you, referred these!!

One of my FAVORITE absolute FAVORITE youtubers is KandeeJohnson...She is an amazing makeup artist! I think she is probably one of the most talented makeup artists out there. Not to mention inspiring as well! And her videos are insane! I suggest that if you have never seen her videos you NEED to watch her videos NOW! I promise you all you will love her and learn a lot from her!!

Kandee just did a video, shown above, in the past week about these amazing 15 piece brush set...The company is called Crown. These are her favorite brushes!! She has been a professional makeup artist for over 10 years, and has used a ton, she said these are the best!!!

These brushes were only for professional makeup artists, years ago and now they are available to us all!! She states that these brushes are professional brushes, the company actually makes their brushes for famous makeup brands that we know of (she did not want to mention them)...

The brush sets come with 15 various brushes, in a cute little clutch, there are 3 different Fo snake clutches and brush designs
you can get.....The hair is NOT real hair its sable blend hair, which is the best kind to use! Kandee actually says that these are the best brushes, better then MAC...and if something is better then MAC i need to try it out! If Kandee says they are good I have to go by her because she is very trustworthy and knows her stuff!

The brush set comes with:
Chisel Powder Chisel Blush Angle Blush Foundation
Angle Blender Oval Shadow Blending Fluff Flat Liner
Concealer Lash Fan Brow/Lash Groomer Angle Liner
Oval Lip Mini Smudger Round Crease Faux Reptile Case

A Redish/pinkish clutch with the bronze handles!

black clutch with red handles!

A bronze clutch with black handles!

If you are from Canada ORDER HERE:

This ENDS DECEMBER 31st 2010 SO GET A MOVE ON IT!WHen you order and write in KANDEE at checkout for the promotion code you get this brush set for $29.99, this includes shipping and everything! These brushes are originally $43.99, thats a great deal and a ton cheaper then a lot of the brushes out there! This is $2 a brush! Insane! If you purchase these you will be entered in $1,000 contest towards $1,000 for their site!

I just purchased these now! I cant wait to get them so I can do a review! Yayyy!

What do you guys think about this deal? Are you going to buy these? I am def buying these? Whats your favorite brand of brushes!?

Check out Kandees blog on these brushes:

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