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5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Most girls, including me, have products they love and will always continue to use. However, there are also some products that unfortunately aren`t going to ever be purchased by me again. This post is going to be about products that didn`t work out for me well at all. I gathered these products that are going to be mentioned in the picture over an extended period of time and today, I`m finally going to be posting about these. These products may have worked for you but these unfortunately didn`t for me since we`re all different!

First off, I want to give some information about me because different skin types, skin colors, hair types, hair colors, etc. may effect the results of how well certain products work for you so if you have similar characteristics as me, stay away from the products up in the picture!

Skin Tone: Fair/Light
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Type: Thin to Normal Asian Hair

1. The Color Institute Eyemobile Compact- super cakey and not very pigmented at all. When I try to apply or even swatch it, the color payoff is minimal and it looks really powdery.

2.Revlon Colorstay Under Eye Concealer SPF 15- this was made specially for the undereye but its TERRIBLE! It is by far the cakiest concealer I`ve ever tried and it had no coverage. The twist dispenser was terrible too because when I twisted, at first no product came out and then a bunch would gush out at once. Very disappointing.

3. Wet n` Wild CoverAll Concealer Stick- to its defense, it is cheap and does really "cover all" but it wears off after 30 minutes and its really rough to apply. The only place I use concealer is under my eyes and this tugged super hard on my undereyes.

4. L`oreal Studio Ultra-Fine Finishing Spray- this was supposed to have "Extreme Hold" which it did have. However, it was also supposed to have a "Clean, Non-Sticky Application" which I completely disagree with. It is super sticky and once it dries, it clumps and hardens my hair like crazy!

5. Pantene Heat Protection Shine and Spray- this is okay but I feel like my hair gets no protection at all because my hair texture is drier when I use this, always.

6. Big Sexy Hair Hairspray- this is a highly raved product but I have no idea why. I got it in a sample size and I despise it! It makes my hair really hard after I use it and it clumps. It smells pretty bad too which is a huge downside to me.

7. Ulta Anti-Frizz Serum- this is super oily, like no kidding. I have a hard time washing it out. I mean, it does do its job of making frizz go away but all the volume goes right down with the weight of this as well!

Well, that`s the end of this negative post and all my rants of the terrible products I came by! :D Hope this was helpful!

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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