Products I Regret Buying

4 years ago

So far this year... I can`t say that I`ve purchased too many items that I didn`t like. If I did - I would probably return them or give them away or toss them. Here is a quick list of items that I personally do not like (which I have kept around). I won`t lie... some of these might end up in the trash soon which is sad because they could`ve been really great for someone - just not me.

<strong>Products I Regret Buying:</strong>
- <strong>Benefit`s <em>It`s Potent</em> Eye Cream</strong> > Bought this at Sephora for regular price and I`ve been using it for more than a month. I`ve heard so much hype about this cream and now that I`ve tried it, I can officially say... I don`t like it. It hydrates my eyes, but that`s about it. It doesn`t help with dark circles or tired puffyness or anything much besides... a cream for hydration. If that`s what you`re looking for, go for it. But it`s not for me and I`m thinking of even returning it.
- <strong>Sephora`s <em>Tokidoki</em> Arte Palette</strong> > Forgot the shades for this one but it comes with a small mirror, 4 shades and a blush. I bought this on sale for $6 and even for that, I would MUCH rather buy a <em>Wet n` Wild palette</em>! This is very chalky, not pigmented and the blush is like... dust. Don`t like it, won`t use it - ugh.
- <strong>Maybelline`s Baby Lips</strong> > Mine are clear and hot pink (forgot the official names) and these are... not a lip balm but not a lipstick and they just feel like moisturizing sticks. They don`t help my chapped lips, they DO add color and shine though. I bought them to help with my winter dry lips - but they don`t even hydrate! I`ll use them till they`re done, but won`t be buying again.
- <strong>Maybelline`s Mega Plush Volume Mascara</strong> > This is the <em>blackest black</em> color and I think this mascara is alright... I`ll finish it - but it`s not going to replace my HG <em>L`oreal`s WP Million Lashes Mascara</em> in the gold tube. This mascara needs layers upon layers to build up and add volume and length. I think it`d be great for people with already full lashes, but this doesn`t work too well for me.
- <strong>Revlon`s Creme Shadows</strong> > I got this palette a while back and have been using it for more than a few months. The mirror is small and the shadows are very pretty but they smudge and crease like CRAZY! I cannot go without a primer and even when I do - it doesn`t last very long. I`ll finish this palette but I won`t be repurchasing. For cream shadows I`ll stick with <em>Maybelline`s color tattoos</em>.
- <strong>NYX`s Liquid Eye Liner</strong> > In <em>black</em>, I bought this for sale on a while back... the brush for this liner is so small and fine that it`s really hard to control and use. It`s not very black either so I have to layer it on for it to work. Overall, I don`t think it`s worth working with so I would skip on this and try another.
- <strong>Cargo`s Pencil/Crayon</strong> > This one`s in <em>Grey</em> and it`s meant to be a pencil liner which is long-lasting, smudge-proof, waterproof etc. This liner smudges on me like no tomorrow! I have oily lids so this does not last more than an hour on my upper or lower lids. Very disappointed. The only redeeming factor is that it`s a nice grey color and applies smoothly, but what`s the point when I can`t wear it?
- <strong>L`oreal`s Linear Intense Liquid Liner</strong> > This one`s in <em>blackest black</em>... and true to its name - it is BLACK! It`s dark and rich in color but I HATE the brush it comes with! The brush is long and flimsy and hard to apply. Takes me 10x longer than ususal and similar to NYX, it`s just hard to use. The line doesn`t come out nicely and when it dries or you apply too much, it flakes. I am not a fan and I`m disappointed since I usually love L`oreal`s products.

So there`s a quick review on my dislikes at the moment. I have good reason to regret these purchases but everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if you like them - I`m glad that you`ve made it work for you! Let me know if you think I should try any products to replace these, I`m <strong>on the hunt for a good eye cream!</strong>

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