Products I Regret Buying!

Heyy Yall ! So today sadly I will be doing products I Regret Buying! There are 7 products 1 face, 4 makeup, 2 hair. so lets get into ittt(:
(These are my opinions on these products don`t get offended if I have a product in here that you rave by. It just clearly and obviously didn`t work out for meee!)
- The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: This concealer is for one very cheap. I hate it. Believe me I lovee Maybelline they are hands down my favorite makeup brand. But this product was horrible. Since it was a liquid based concealer it doesn`t cover any blemishess .. AT ALL. The packaging is very cheap. The name on the product is rubbed off. And the black ring around the product is smudged off LOL. I use it for my under eyes, I`ll admit it but I would never ever repurchase this..
2.) NYC Eyeliner/Eyebrow Pencil in Jet Black. - It`s not so much I hate this product Its just that it is very harsh on my eyes. When I put it on it like yanks my eyelids-.- No Bueno and also it just isn`t good quality.
3.) Elf Glitter Gloss in Glam Guava.... UH NO. Worst lip product ever.. It has so much glitter in it. On the elf website it looked like it had hardly any glitter in it. Uhm I was certainly wrong. The little hairs from the lip brush like separate. And I don`t feel so bad seeing as though it was only $3. Its just not smooth and didn`t look appealing at all on my lips .
4.) Milani Eye tech Eyeliner- OMYGAHD. I saw this product alot on youtube from the beauty gurus. They raved about it. I personally do not know why. LOL. This product did not work for me what so ever. I tried to do a wing and wouldn`t even show up on my eyelid. The color of the eyeliner is black when i swatched it to see if any thing was in there it was like a dark grayish color. I thought it would be good seeing as though i have never tried liquid eyeliner. It was not. This eyeliner was $8 and i can`t believe I wasted my money on this piece of crap. After 2 weeks i bought my Maybelline Master Precise One and I love it now.

1) Cantu shea butter heat spray. - I personally never use it. And the application of this product sucks. It sprays like a butt load and it like fires it out at your hair. I don`t find it appealing and it made my hair hard.
2.) Garnier Fructis Heat Tamer- I bought this one day and wanted to try it out and see if I liked it. Um I sure did not. It says it suppose to make your hair shiny I did not see that in any way. And it make my hands veryy very sticky. This was a let down.

1.) Clinique Facial Acne Bar- This is basically a bar of soap and it is suppose to help with your acne and stuff. This doesn`t work at all. The first 2 weeks i used it, it broke my skin out. And after that i just didn`t see any noticeable change with my skin. It was probably under $20 . yeah never again.

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed my products i regret buying. Do you guys have any products I regret Buying? Let me knoww. Toodles(:

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