Products I REGRET Buying!

5 years ago

Products I regret buying:
<strong>ELF Shimmer Lip Gloss & Lipstain</strong>
Looks pretty right? I hate those glosses. They smell horrible and have NO color pay off. Yes its cheap, but still its $5 that I`m never getting back. To be honest, I`m kinda over the whole ELF trend.

<strong>EOS Lip balms</strong>
OMG WHAT A STUPID OVER-HYPE. NO, they are NOT moisturizing "lip saviors", NO they do NOT smell/taste good. They`re complete garbage. I think they`re just for "collection" purposes, and to be cute.

<strong>Revlon Colorerstay, something & ELF Bronzer</strong>
Many have said that this Revlon product is a dupe for the MAC msf`s. I really don`t think so. Its not as soft, and its more chalky, plus there`s tons of fall out. Revlon products in general are just over priced.Same deal with the ELF bronzer quad. Chalky, fallout and too shimmery. Plus the mirror on mine falls out. Even though its only $3, its not worth $3.

<strong>Kat Von D Ludwig Palette</strong>
This was a real bummer cause I wanted this palette for such a long time. And when I swatched it in Sephora, it always seemed fine. The shades are either chalky, or too shimmery with fall out. All shades seem hard to apply and blend. Love the packaging, but the product is fail. Kat Von D Ludwig swatches

<strong>Two Faced Natural Eye</strong>
Same goes, fall out, chalkyness, hard to apply.

<strong>Naked Palette</strong>
DON`T SHOOT ME. I do like this palette, but I find a lot of the shades hard to work with. They either don`t apply or blend nicely or they have tons of fall out. Plus the packaging looks cheap and gets dirty easily. With that being said, I LOVE the Naked 2 Palette!
(For review of both palettes and swatches:

<strong>Revlon Color Stay foundation</strong>
HATE this! such a waste of money! Poor coverage, Oxidizes, and makes my skin look oily.

<strong>Viva Glam Cyndi</strong>
This product BROKE my heart because I loved it, and I love Cyndi. Ummm..this lipstick has mold on it!! And I`ve had it for less than two years! I have had MAC lipsticks for longer than two years (for collection purposes) but this hasn`t happened to any of them. And I know I`m not the only person that this has happened too because I`ve seen other posts on Luuux as well!My only theory is that since all proceeds to go charity, that maybe MAC makes it of a cheaper quality? I duno :(

So. Over. This. Trend. I`m canceling them all! (Glymm, Luxe, Topbox) At first, it was a fun service, but now I`ve just been receiving crap. I`m 24...I don`t need 700 samples of eye creams, anti-aging product and wrinkle fillers! I think I`d rather save the money a buy one product that I`ll actually like/use.

Do you have any of these products? Do you regret them as well?

*images are mine.

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