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5 years ago

Hello(: Today I will be sharing with you the products that I regret buying. I hate to do posts like this- I really like to keep it positive. But, today when I was going through my face products I came across these products that I just absolutely cannot stand. So, if you like these products, forgive me! These opinions are just mine, and if you have had a positive experience with these items I am thrilled for you. (: First, I will start off with two tinted moisturizers. I have the same problem with both- they are the COMPLETELY wrong color. Normally, I would blame myself for poor color choice. But this time, I blame not providing enough of a color selection. No matter what face product I am buying, I am always the lightest shade. I am just about as pale as they come. I purchased these tinted moisturizers in the lightest shades. Both the
Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer in
Halo and the
ELF Tinted Moisturizer in
Porcelain are ORANGE. Bright, carrot colored orange. What a waste of money. Porcelain=orange? Really? Are you kidding me? Disappointment. Next, the Correcting Primer in the shade
Nude. (Disclaimer: my skin does have a pink/red undertone. I should have gotten the green tinted primer. In this instance, though, I am not complaining about the color- Just the way the product worked.) To my knowledge, a face primer is used to create a base for my foundation. The primer is used to prime. It did not do that. Im not even sure if I can explain exactly what it did. It made my skin look HORRIBLE. It extenuated my pores and any uneven lines or spots on my face, and I feel that it made my foundation application more difficult. I do not recommend these products if you have skin like mine (extremely pale with slight redness). I hope these products work for you guys! I would hate for these items to be terrible all together, and I hope this was just my personal experience with them. (I do love all of these brandsjust not these products.) SoDo you have any of these products? Anyone had experiences similar to mine with these or similar products? Please share! Id love to hear about it. Also, do you have any recommendations of what I could use to replace these products? Id love to find a good primer and tinted moisturizer. *Photos are mine. Do not use without permission*

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