Product Review: Softsheen Carson Optimum Care Salon Collection Anti Breakage No Lye Relaxer Products

So I recently shared with you all how I relax (chemically straighten) my hair. I shared with you all the process and I also shared that I tried a new relaxer system this time. So now that you all know the process, I wanted to do a quick review on the actual system and let you all know what I think about each product in the box and what it did for my freshly relaxed hair. The relaxer system is SOFTSHEEN CARSON OPTIMUM CARE SALON COLLECTION ANTI-BREAKAGE NO LYE RELAXER SYSTEM. It included all Optimum Care Salon Collection hair product sample packs. Some can also be bought at beauty supply stores in bottles.

*THE PROTECTIVE PRETREATMENT: This is a creamy consistency but its kinda wet and thin. I thought it would be thicker kinda like a good thick conditioner but its kinda thin like a cheap conditioner instead. It smells great though and I do believe it helped protect my ends from being over processed, so it does its job. However, I think my old method of using just some of my castor oil works just fine so I wouldnt purchase this bottle.

*THE RELAXER CREAM: This was exactly what I expected it to be. Most no lye relaxers are pretty much the same in consistency and smell so this was pretty much what I expected. It smells bad but it was creamy, easy to mix with the activator liquid and easy to apply. It left my hair soft, silky and straight and thats awesome!

*THE ACTIVATOR: This liquid, like the Relaxer Cream was exactly what it should have been. It smells kinda weird but what chemical treatment doesnt. However, it was easy to mix with the relaxer cream and worked well to activate the chemicals. It is an actual liquid but I know there are some relaxer systems that has a gel form activator. I think this can be a little more messy if you are not careful when mixing it. Other than that, this stuff was exactly what it should be.

*THE NEUTRALIZING SHAMPOO: I absolutely LOVE this shampoo. It did exactly what I expected to do plus more. I shampooed my hair with it 3 times because I wanted to make sure all traces of the relaxer chemicals were gone. This is exactly what I usually do after my relaxer with any relaxer system but this neutralizing shampoo was my favorite. It smells great, it didnt leave my hair feeling hard or really stripped and it actually felt like it was moisturizing my hair as I washed it. It felt very gentle. I followed up with my Organic Root Stimulator neutralizing shampoo and I could totally feel a difference between the two. I definitely prefer this Optimum Care shampoo. I think I may go out and buy the bottle.

*THE RECONSTRUCTOR: I have been using my beloved ApHogee 2 minute Reconstructor for a while now so when I hear the word Reconstructor I automatically compare it to the ApHogee one. As for consistency, it was a thick consistency and it coated my hair well. It smelled nice and seemed to condition my hair nicely. However, honestly I like the ApHogee Reconstructor better so Ill keep buying that bottle to use on a regular basis, but I will definitely continue to use the one provided with the relaxer because I will definitely continue to purchase this relaxer.

*THE LEAVE IN STRENGTHENER: This is a liquid leave in which I like because I am a huge fan of liquid leave ins. The only thing I didnt like about it was that it come in a bottle with a twist off cap which makes it impossible to apply evenly. I had to put it in an empty spray bottle so that I could get it evenly applied all throughout my hair. I sprayed it in right and followed it up with my Aussie Hair Insurance liquid leave in. My hair felt nice and soft when it dried so that was nice. I dont think this is available in a bottle but if it was I would buy it.

*THE WHIPPED OIL MOISTURIZER: This stuff claims to be lightweight and made for daily use. I must say that I totally disagree. I used almost a full pack of the product on my entire head to restore the total moisture and softness. The pack holds about the same amount of product that I usually use when I moisturize my hair but I found that with this product my hair was definitely moisturized but it was also weighed down quite a bit and it was oily. My hair didnt fully absorb the product like it does with my normal hair moisturizers. Its pretty heavy so I wouldnt use it if I wanted to wear my hair out. I would only likely use it if I wanted to put my hair up for a few days and keep it moisturized. Also, with my other moisturizers I usually use a tiny bit of coconut oil in my hair to seal in the moisture but with this one, I feel I cant use any oil with because it is already so oily. I probably wouldnt buy this moisturizer and I probably wouldnt use it after a relaxer again. I would likely use one of my normal hair moisturizers and save the sample packs for when I want to put my hair up.

So all in all, I LOVE the relaxer, the leave in and the shampoo. I like the reconstructor and the moisturizer and Im not really feeling pretreatment. As for an entire unit, I love the system and will definitely be using it the next time I need a touch up.

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