Product review: skinceuticals retexturing activator

say hello to my new best friend, the skinceuticals retexturing activator. this bottle is filled with goodies for your face, and im officially a fan. i have been using this steadily for the last two weeks and can definitely see a difference.

i feel a little silly im writing about this product now, as its been sitting in my medicine cabinet for at least 6 months. im a loyal skinceuticals fan - ive tried everything from moisturizing creams to countless serums - and this is by far my favorite product. ive been anxious to share all week!

this is not your traditional serum; think of it as a multi-tasker. it works as a hydrator and exfoliator at the same. it uses a 20% glycolic treatment to exfoliate and a bunch of other fancy stuff like hyaluronic acid. two of the immediate benefits ive noticed: my skin feels supple and so incredibly soft. although i dont break out anymore, i still suffer from a few clogged pores here and there and this eliminates that. im always apprehensive to put anything new on my face because i worry about breaking out, but this doesnt break me out at all.

i apply it every evening before bed. be warned: its consistency is somewhat sticky, but it goes away as it dries. id recommend layering this underneath another product to minimize the sticky feeling and seal in the moisture. by morning, my skin looks so soft and glowing and is not oily in the least. it tightens my pores and old acne scars appear to be fading faster. although you can use this morning and night, ive been sticking to nights only because i dont know if id be pleased with this layered under makeup.

i love the results from this enough to reconsider my alpha beta peel pads from the dr. dennis gross line. this seems to go a lot further than the pads in terms of the results im looking for and the skinceuticals product is more cost-effective anyway. a 30 day supply of the pads costs around $80, whereas one bottle is $72 and will last me for months.

if youre looking for something to give your skin a push in the right direction, try this. it accomplishes so much and is suitable for all skin types. just be sure to use sunscreen due to the chemical exfoliants.

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