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4 years ago

I divided this review into two topics, since I will review all 12 brushes individually. The first installment will have all the face brushes, and the eye and lip brushes will be discussed in the second post. For each brush, I mention what is the model, what it is used for, how I use it and what I think about the brush. List of eye makeup brushes included in the kit: The Large Shader brush (E60) is a stiff flat small/medium brush for covering the whole eye lid with the product, and can be used with cream shadow. I always use this to apply my first powder eye shadow color on the lid. Because it is stiff and not too small, it is just the perfect brush for this. The Medium Angled Shading brush (E70) is a bit fluffy and flat small/medium brush for adding either darker color for the crease or highlight color for the brow. I mostly use this brush for adding the crease color, but not the highlight colors. Since it is a bit fluffy and a bit flat, its quite easy to get a soft application with enough of color. I like this brush. The Eye Shading brush (E55) is a bit fluffy, flat brush with quite short bristles that is used for a bit stronger application of eye shadow. I use this brush to add eye shadow under lower lashes, into the inner eye corner and on my brow bow. This is a really good brush for strong and precise application, since the bristles are short, but not too short. The Tapered Blending brush (E40) is a small fluffy brush for blending the eye shadow. This is my favorite brush in the set! Many times I use this brush to actually add the crease color, since it will give nice very soft and subtle application. In my opinion, this is a really good blending brush, but it is also the only blending brush I have used. The Pencil brush (E30) is a small round pointed brush to soften and smoke pencil liners. It can be used also to add eye shadow to line eyes or to put highlight in the inner comer of eyes. I do not use this brush a lot, but I do sometimes use this to add just a hint of darker eye shadow on the deepest point in the crease with a very gentle hand. Sometimes I might also use it for adding color under my lower lashes. It is a good small pointy brush that will reach difficult small areas for a precise application. The Small Angle brush (E65) is a small stiff flat brush for lining the lash line with either gel, cream or powder. I do not generally use eye liner, so I rarely use this brush for lining my eyes. I use this brush regularly for my brows to define my brow instead of using a brow pencil. I actually really like this brush for my brows, but it is also very good for lining the eyes. However, I would maybe prefer a bit thinner brush for lining the eyes. The Eye Liner brush (E05) is a small stiff pointed brush for gel and liquid eye liners. I have used this brush very less for eye lining, since I rarely use eye liner. I have also used this at least a couple of times for applying lipstick, for which the pointed tip of this brush is also very good for. If you missed the first part of my Sigma brushes review, /viz/product-review-sigma-brushes! This concludes my product review on this Sigma brush kit. Overall, I would say this brush kit is a very good purchase for anyone who does not own a lot of brushes, but is interested in increasing their collection and advancing their skills. I especially like the leather container the brushes came in, since the hard case is great for travelling and keeping your brushes standing on the table.
Do you own any Sigma brushes? Would you like to get Sigma brushes? Which Sigma brushes are your favorites? (Picture and content by me. Please do not use!) makeup

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