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4 years ago

I bought the Sigma Make Me Crazy Essential Kit earlier, but I never posted anything about these brushes on Luuux. After using them for about a year, I decided to finally do a review on these brushes. Ive seen some reviews on these brushes earlier, but reading couple of reviews is always important before buying something a bit more expensive. I divided this review into two topics, since I will review all 12 brushes individually. The first installment will have all the face brushes, and the eye and lip brushes will be discussed in the second post. For each brush, I mention what is the model, what it is used for, how I use it and what I think about the brush. List of face makeup brushes included in the kit: The Large Powder brush (F30) is a large fluffy brush for powdering your face and body. Since I sometimes use mineral foundation powder and dont own a good kabuki brush, I use this brush for applying my foundation. This is overall a good powder brush that is very good size. However, my brush does shed some bristles every time that I have used it (but it is not getting bald yet). The Large Angled Countour brush (F40) is a medium/large fluffy angle brush for adding blush/highlight/contouring to your cheeks. I use this brush for all over the face and neck for contouring, as well as adding blush and highlighter to cheeks. This is a great brush, since it is also a good size and doesnt shed as much as the Powder brush. The Duo Fibre brush (F50) is a fluffy stippling brush for adding your liquid foundation on your face, but it can be used also with any powder, liquid or cream products to give an airbrush effect on the skin. Honestly, I find it easier to apply liquid foundation with my fingers, so I have not really used this brush. It seems quite good stippling brush, but it will shed like the powder brush. The Foundation brush (F60) is a stiff, flat medium size brush for applying any liquid of cream products on your skin. I actually do not use it for liquid or cream products. When I use my mineral foundation powders, I use this to add the powdery concealer under my eyes and for any problem areas where I need more coverage. I have also used this to add the base eye shadow all over my eye lids. In my opinion, this is a great brush due to its size and shape. Even if you do not want to use it for liquid or cream foundation, there are many other ways to use it. The Concealer brush (F70) is a stiff, flat small brush that is meant for adding concealer in small areas, like around nose and eyes. Besides using it for my concealer, I also use it for eye shadow if I want to put intense eye shadow in small area, like the inner or outer corner or just below my lower lashes. This is also a good small brush for precise application of concealer or even eye shadow. Please see the part 2 for a review on the eye makeup brushes and an overall view. /viz/product-review-sigma-brushes-2
Do you own any Sigma brushes? Would you like to get Sigma brushes? Which Sigma brushes are your favorites? (Picture and content by me. Please do not use!) makeup

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