Product Review: Sephoras Eye make-up palette Almost nude

5 years ago

I bought this palette from Sephora last week when I was visiting Paris. This is the first time I am using Sephora items, since we do not have Sephora store in my country. See my Sephora hauls in my Luuux account if you want to know what other product reviews to expect! In this post, I will give info on the product by examining the package and describe my own experiences with this palette.

Sephora Collection sells these beautiful eye make-up palettes (for 24 US dollars) which consist of four eye shadows and one liner. Although the bottom color in the palette is considered eye liner, it basically has the same powdery texture of the eye shadows. In Sephoras site, they suggest applying the liner with a wet brush. The product is long lasting and paraben free according to the packaging.

You can choose from several palettes available with variety of different colors. The palette introduced here is Almost nude. The colors are:
- Universal Beige: a light beige eye shadow with matte finish
- Beige Pink: a light shampagne eye shadow with shimmer finish
- Sun-Kissed: a medium peach eye shadow with shimmer finish
- Dying For Fudge:a medium mauve eye shadow with shimmer finish
- Liner-Dark Eye: a dark brown-black powder liner with matte finish (according to site it says matte, but it seems more satin finish to me)

The texture is very smooth and silky, so it is easy to apply and feels good on skin. The colors are quite pigmented. However, the colors are so natural that it almost disappears to my skin tone. Perhaps with good eye shadow primer, heavier hand and wet brush it would be possible to achieve a more dramatic look.

In the back of this palette, there are instructions how to achieve two different, natural and intense, look with this palette. There are two simplified pictures of eyes, where they show which colors to apply to the different parts of eyes. I have tried only the natural look on myself, since I have not used this palette a lot. Although the colors are quite pigmented, they are so natural colors that the intense look would not be too dramatic for school or work.

For someone who likes very subtle and natural look, this just may be the perfect palette. For someone who actually wants an intense look, I would perhaps choose another more dramatic color in this line of palettes. As a conclusion, I would say this is a fairly good palette which I will continue to use frequently. I also really like the fact that they added the simplified instructions how to achieve the looks in the back. However, considering the cost I perhaps expected something a bit more.

Have you tried Sephoras eye shadows or other make-up? What are your opinions and experiences?

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