Product Review: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

4 years ago

I bought the Olay Pwo-X Advanced Cleansing System over a month ago from eBay seller. Although I have been using this for less than a month, I thought Id do a review now when I still have the packaging and fresh memory about this product.

This package came with the actual machine, a brush head, a sample of Olays exfoliating cleanser and batteries. According to the packaging, this cleansing system cleanses the skin 6 times better than a basic cleansing. The machine works differently from the Clarisonic Mia which uses Sonic vibration the cleanse the skin. This brush actually has two speed rotating system, i.e. the brush head spins instead of vibrating. It says in the packaging that this tool is water resistant and can be used in the shower. As I said this package came with only one brush head, but you can buy replaceable brush heads separately. I have also seen some packages where there are more brushes and a bigger tube of exfoliating cleanser.

Since I have never tried any other skin cleansing systems, I cannot really compare this product with any other device. I only used normal cleanser, exfoliator and my hands for my facial cleansing before I purchased this system. After the first time that I used this system, I noticed that my skin felt so nice, clean and soft. Although it says in the packaging that the brush is gentle enough for daily cleansing, I have not used this daily nor would I recommend daily usage for anyone who might have sensitive skin. Ive heard comments that some consider these rotating brush heads to be too rough on the skin. However, in my experience it does not feel too rough if you just place the brush on your skin, not pressing it against the skin at all. Be very careful to not press the brush head to your skin!

I have used this about every other day or a couple of times a week, sometimes using the exfoliating cleanser that came with the package and sometimes using a normal daily cleanser. I have not noticed a remarkable change in my skin condition, since I started using this system. The pores on my nose seem smaller, but I have also got some small pimples on my forehead and chin. However, these things might be due to hormonal changes, so getting reliable results will need more time. I might do a follow-up review later for this product.

If you have any questions on my experiences with this product, please comment below!

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