Product Review: LOccitanes Sweet Hearts Perfume Set (Travel collection)

5 years ago

I bought LOccitanes lip glosses a couple of years ago. They had such a pretty smell and taste, that I fell in love with them and got interested in this beauty brand. As I was travelling in Paris, I thought of going to LOccitanes shop there, but at the end I didnt have time or enough interest. However, at an airport shop, there was a deal I could not miss. If you want to see the gift bag that I got with my purchase, go to my account and see the post Haul: LOccitane.

I bought this LOccitanes Perfume Set from airport. I would have checked how much this cost, but this does not seem to be available from their online store. They had also solid perfumes in their site, including one of the perfumes in this package, but not a Perfume Set like this. On their site, one solid perfume of same size as these perfumes are individually (0.3 oz. or 10g) is 12 dollars.

LOccitanes Sweet Heart Perfume Set is a set of three travel-size solid perfumes which are called Rose 4 Reines, Fleur Chérie and Cherry Blossom. In the back of the box, it says: Discover all the fragrant delicacies of flowers of Provence in this festive heart shaped solid perfume collection, for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day. All three perfumes have a very pretty flowery sent; Rose 4 Reines has very rich, romantic and rosy scent, like rose garden. Fleur Chérie has very interesting flowery, but wooden scent to it. According to their web site, it has the smells of neroli, cassis and orange blossom. Cherry Blossom has a girly, spring scent, that is not too strong or powering. Out of these three scents Cherry Blossom is my favorite, since it is actually the reason why I decided to buy this set. All these solid perfumes are alcohol free!

This product is really good for travelling in your purse, since it is small and it will fit in your make-up kit. I would be a bit worried to carry liquid perfume in my bag in the fear that it would spill, but with this solid perfume I have no fear. If you put the lid on properly, it wont open by accident. For me, the small size of this package was the key issue. I dont wear perfume on daily basis and I do not put too much on, but I like to change perfumes every now and then. Therefore, too big perfume packages go to waste with me, since I never tend to finish any of them.

According to the package, these solid perfumes are meant for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day. I noticed that the scent lasted less time on my skin than regular liquid perfume scent. It would last up to 5-7 hours, but after that it would fairly dim scent. However, this gives you an opportunity to change your perfume in the middle of day (light Cherry Blossom at school/work, romantic Rose 4 Reines in the evening). In the package, it says: Apply on pulse points (neck, wrist, chest) and behind the ears. The perfume is a clear paste that looks like lip balm. Obviously, you cannot apply solid perfumes to clothes, like you can with liquid perfumes. If you want to put perfume all over yourself, then I would go for normal liquid perfume. All of these scents are also sold as liquid perfumes, so no worries.

Overall, I would say that this is very nice buy. It would be perfect gift for someone, since the packaging is so cute. If you like flowery smells, this might be just your thing. If you want to keep smelling like this whole day, be prepared to carry the scent with you in your purse. However, it will go perfectly with any make up you might have in your purse any way.

What type of perfumes you like? Flowery, fruity, spice etc.?

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