Product Review: L`Occitane`s Repairing Shampoo

5 years ago

I got introduced into LOccitanes products a couple of years ago. In my recent trip to Paris, I saw their products in airport with a good deal. I did not want to buy more make up, so I decided to try their skin and hair care products instead.

I bought this LOccitanes Repairing shampooing Shampoo (300ml) from airport in Amsterdam. According to the package, this shampoo has 5 essential oils which are angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and sweet orange. It is said that the shampoo will help to repair dry, damaged, color-treated or chemically-treated hair. Its supposed to strengthen and regenerate your hair, while leaving it shiny and silky.

I have been using this shampoo for over a week now, so I thought Id share my experiences with the product. The bottle has quite narrow opening, so you will not accidentally spill too much shampoo on your hand or hair when showering. However, I feel that I am using it bigger amounts of shampoo in one washing than my regular shampoo, because this shampoo doesnt foam very good. The fact that it doesnt foam good is annoying me the most in this product, since washing my thick hair is difficult enough.

I have somewhat damaged hair, since I do bleach it sometimes and rarely use heat on it. Therefore, this shampoo should be ideal for my hair type, since it is meant for damaged hair. I have not noticed that my hair would be in considerably better condition after I started using this shampoo. My hair perhaps seems a bit smoother, but I have not been using heat as much as earlier, so it might not be the result of this shampoo. However, a week is a fairly limited time for the product to work, so I will update again if this shampoo will miraculously start working in next 3-4 weeks (that I expect this bottle to last for me).

In my opinion, this shampoo doesnt work much better than other repairing shampoo (I use regularly XZs repairing shampoo). If you have already found a repairing shampoo that you like, I would not bother trying this shampoo. However, if you are still searching for a repairing shampoo that doesnt foam too much, this product is worth trying.

<strong>What shampoo do you use? How do you keep your hair healthy and shiny?</strong>

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